Audio Visual System Integration

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Founded in 2007 as Blackwater Entertainment and later changed to Blackwater AV Solutions in 2017 to encompass the many diverse areas that came with growth. Blackwater has always strived to meet the needs of our clients.

Having started in the audio vertical, we have provided audio solutions for our surrounding communities for over 30 years. Later adding visual, lighting, and control to our portfolio, we strive to meet the needs of our clients. We serve a wide range of markets to include: Houses of Worship, Higher Education, Commercial, K-12, Corporate, and Hospitality/Service.

We are committed to our clients, we are committed to our employees, and we are committed to our community. Why say all those in separate statements? For our clients, we have continual education, offer system training, and remote technical support. A knowledgeable staff means that we must invest in our employees. All of our techs receive manufacturer's training, AVIXA courses, and opportunities to gain industry-recognized certifications. Before we were Blackwater, we volunteered for many local organizations and events, providing sound and technical support. Community service is what gave birth to us, and to it, we must give back.

But I feel the most critical aspect of our business is that we are a family; from founder to our clients, we strive for one thing. To have AVL systems that enhance our experience, where being immersed in technology feels natural and simple. A highly functioning AVL system requires a dedicated company to lead you from concept, completion to continued support. 



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